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At LiviRae, Molly, Cynthia, and the rest of the team are the experts when it comes to custom bras and custom lingerie. Not sure if your bra is the best fit? Hover over these common problem areas to the right to learn more about the signs of a bad fitting bra and find the perfect solution for you with our LiviRae custom bras.

Shoulder Straps

Straps should be loose and comfortable. The weight of your breasts should be supported by the band and cups. So if our straps are digging into your shoulders, you're wearing the wrong size.


Your breast should sit in the cup like a pocket. If you look from a side view it should be a seamless transition from your breast to the bra. If your breast tissue is spilling over the top of the bra it means that your cup is too small.


The gore should sit firmly against your sternum touching your skin. This helps the band to continue to support your breast. If the gore isn't touching your sternum you need a bigger cup and or tighter band.


The under wire should sit directly under your breast. The under wire is the foundation for the cup of your bra. The under wire should sit just beyond the breast tissue giving you full support of your breast. If your wire is poking you in the side of your breast then your cup is too small.


When you first get fit for your bras you should be on the first clasp. As the bra stretches you should then move inward on each clasp. If your new bra is on the last clasp then the band is too big.

Parallel Band

The band holds 90% of your bra support. It is very important that your band is snug, because it takes the stress off of your shoulders and moves the support to the midsection of your body. If your band is too loose it puts the stress on your shoulders causing them to hurt which snowballs into pain in your back.

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