Double Divas web-site photographyHey Girl Hey! We are here to have a bit of a serious conversation with you. Nope, it is not about new merchandise or the importance of breast health; we are putting that on ice until later (like after this post). We want to chat a bit about our relationship with you.

In business, there are times when owners get so caught up with handling much needed operational affairs that they neglect service. Now, there is no excuse for poor service ever and we hope that has never been your experience at LiviRae. However, we can admit that we have fumbled the ball (we don’t drop balls), just a little bit. Not because we didn’t care, but because we care so much.

In our effort to build this amazing brand, we started doing less of what we both love… being present. We were not as available to you because of traveling (To out of town bra fit events), entertaining other business ventures and living life. We thought that as long as you were in the hands of capable, well trained individuals you were good, but we now know that was far from the truth.

Many of you came into the store solely for us. You wanted an experience with the Double Divas. You wanted to experience the energy that you felt on television personally. However, we were not available; not because we didn’t want to be but because we hadn’t grasped that truth until now.

double divas

Since we entered your homes in 2013, you have treated us like your good girlfriends, sisters and other family. You have called, emailed and filled our inboxes with jokes, concerns and encouragement. This is the type of support that is priceless, and we are grateful.  However, saying how we feel is no longer good enough, it is time to show and prove…

Moving forward, you will get more opportunities to interact with The Double Divas. Yes, we will be in the store doing more custom fittings and assisting you with all your needs.


From Saturday January 27th through Saturday February 3rd, you can book your custom bra fittings with one of your favorite country girls.