Double Divas web-site photographyHey Girl Hey! We are here to have a bit of a serious conversation with you. Nope, it is not about new merchandise or the importance of breast health; we are putting that on ice until later (like after this post). We want to chat a bit about our relationship with you.

In business, there are times when owners get so caught up with handling much needed operational affairs that they neglect service. Now, there is no excuse for poor service ever and we hope that has never been your experience at LiviRae. However, we can admit that we have fumbled the ball (we don’t drop balls), just a little bit. Not because we didn’t care, but because we care so much.

In our effort to build this amazing brand, we started doing less of what we both love… being present. We were not as available to you because of traveling (To out of town bra fit events), entertaining other business ventures and living life. We thought that as long as you were in the hands of capable, well trained individuals you were good, but we now know that was far from the truth.

Many of you came into the store solely for us. You wanted an experience with the Double Divas. You wanted to experience the energy that you felt on television personally. However, we were not available; not because we didn’t want to be but because we hadn’t grasped that truth until now.

double divas

Since we entered your homes in 2013, you have treated us like your good girlfriends, sisters and other family. You have called, emailed and filled our inboxes with jokes, concerns and encouragement. This is the type of support that is priceless, and we are grateful.  However, saying how we feel is no longer good enough, it is time to show and prove…

Moving forward, you will get more opportunities to interact with The Double Divas. Yes, we will be in the store doing more custom fittings and assisting you with all your needs.


From Saturday January 27th through Saturday February 3rd, you can book your custom bra fittings with one of your favorite country girls.


LiviRae and The Adore Girls flyerWe know that you know our motto; No boob too big, No boob too small. However, what you don’t know is that we are on a mission to assure that every woman, every where has a good bra. Really ambitious huh? Well that is how you have to be in order to GET ER DONE!

Since we are so committed to this two woman mission, the Double Divas may just pop up anywhere to host bra fittings and show love.  Just like boobs, your town can be big or small… We don’t discriminate! Oh and guess what?                Nashville, Tennessee… you are up next!

Yes, The Double Divas and The Adore Girls are teaming up for a fun day of bra fittings and boudoir photo sessions!

Molly and Cynthia, the owners of LiviRae Lingerie will be doing custom bra fittings and The Adore Girls will be be booking boudoir photography sessions.

The Adore GirlsIf you book The Dream Session at your bra fitting you will receive a $100 off your photo session.

Tickets for the event are $50, which reserves your appointment time. The full $50 will go towards the purchase of your bras that day.

Click HERE for tickets

We hope to see you there.

Molly, Cynthia, The Adore Girls

The Adore Girls

Plus model Dori Carter wearing LiviRae LingerieA few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of participating in the Lyfe is Glam anniversary fashion show. The event celebrated the anniversary of two of our faves; Jay Jill Cosmetics and LyfeStylez Plus. Both brands are owned and operated by female entrepreneurs, like the Double Divas and both brands have amazing merchandise. So yeah, we were all fired up and ready to rock and roll at this event.

We had the pleasure of showcasing our in store merchandise with some of Cynthia’s custom pieces during the event. As usual, the models were amazing and the audience loved everything about the looks we put together.

While every look was a hit, there was one that was very popular; at the show, among our consumers and our online following. That look was worn by model, Dori Carter and to say she slayed would be an understatement. Don’t believe it…. JUST WATCH!

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This Hanky Panky striped bodysuit definitely serves up the right amount of sexy for any woman and any body type. Although the bodysuit is sized in small, medium and large, it fit plus size model Dori Carter with ease. This bodysuit is very versatile and can be worn a number of ways depending on your style and the occasion.Plus model Dori Carter wearing LiviRae Lingerie

Now that we know how much you love is, it is now available on the website… HAPPY SHOPPING!

*Singing* Let’s talk about breast baby…

Model Julie wearing LiviRae Lingerie
Breast, boobies, twins, rack… Or whatever you choose to call them are without question, one of the most altered body parts among women. Some women love their boobies and wouldn’t change them for the world. Some women have issues with the size of their rack and are eager to alter them.

Here at LiviRae Lingerie, we are charged with not only selling you a bra. We must educate you and provide you with healthy and realistic options. We know and understand that no two women are the same and that in order to cater to our customers needs we must keep an open mind and share our 20+ years of knowledge.

Since we are talking about breast and we know that many of you are either considering breast augmentation or may be faced with having a mastectomy, we wanted to share a few tips. However, this is information that can be useful for all women.

  1. PROTECT THE BOOBIES, WEAR A BRA! If you are a cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy and are having reconstructive surgery or a woman who chooses to enhance her breast; please wear a bra. Breast implants are added weight to the chest wall, if you don’t wear a bra, you run the risk of becoming a member of the droopy boobie community.


  1. “NO WIRE HANGERS (in my Mommy Dearest voice), BUT YES TO UNDERWIRE BRAS! I know a lot of women hate underwire bras but I love them. After being a little girl with big pointy breast, I appreciate the way underwire bra make my breast look. The key to underwire bras post-surgery is proper fit; the wire should lay flat against your ribcage and not on your breast.Model Jessica Carter wearing LiviRae

    1. DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF, TREAT YOURSELF! If you have new boobs, you need new bras! Yeah, I know that bras aren’t cheap but you have to take care of your investment. I mean, would you put regular gas in a Rolls Royce?

    1. NO PUSH UPS! Say “NO NO NO NO NO (in my Destiny’s Child voices) to push up bras, they are not your friend. I know we all want to show a little cleavage but push up bras can cause indention in breast and encapsulation. Oh, and did you know that an underwire bra can give you just as much cleavage as a push up bra.Julie and Jessica for LiviRae Lingerie

    2. ABC’S AND 123’S! When trying on new bras to accommodate your new breast remember, your letter will change but your number will remain the same. While it may take a while to figure it all out, know that the letter isn’t important… IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FIT!

Yeah girl, you’re welcome! Please take all of them into consideration but more than any of them, live by number 5.

Oh, and another thing, if you are in doubt or confused, set up an appointment with LiviRae Lingerie to get a proper bra fitting from a professional. Don’t live in the metro Atlanta area and don’t want to take a long drive? LiviRae has you covered, we offer cyber fittings and consultations at your request.