Hey Divas, happy Thursday!

Double Divas web-site photographyHave you ever had big news that you had to wait to share with others? If you answered yes, didn’t it drive you crazy? Well, that is exactly how we feel but after last night’s interview… WE ARE READY TO LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG!


We have thrown out hints by sharing our flyer a few times, we made a few comments and last night we were on Facebook Live with the Mogul Diva, Gwen DeVoe; now we are excited to share. (Screaming) WE ARE HEADED TO THE BIG APPLE FOR FULL FIGURED FASHION WEEK!


Now, for those who don’t know what FFFWeek is, let us tell you. It is an annual week-long celebration of the plus size community. Each year, the event garners the support of thousands of men, women, influencers, celebrities and brands for all over the world. Full Figured Fashion Week is known to many as “The Oscars of Plus”, and this year as the brand celebrates it’s 10-year anniversary, we will be participating.

Yes, your favorite country girls are taking over the big city in a major way; thanks to our partners, Parfait Lingerie. We will be hosting our fit event during FFFWeek’s Curvy Expo which is being powered by Big Fig Mattress. For all of you who want to find your breast’s friends, click HERE to reserve your time and remember your deposit goes towards your purchase the day of your fitting. Please be able to present your ticket at the door for entry into the Curvy Expo.

new york fit event

Now I know you didn’t think that was all we have planned… You have to know your girls have just a little more in store! On Friday, June 22, 2018 LiviRae Lingerie is sponsoring FFFWeek’s black tie Masquerade Ball. Please understand, this is not your average masquerade ball; the masquerade ball will feature an “Eyes Wide Shut” lingerie fashion show by yours truly! Yes, Cynthia is currently in the lab creating some sexiness just for this occasion.

FFFWeek Masquerade Ball Flyer

So yeah… NYC, the Double Divas are on the way and… We are looking forward to seeing you!

For more information on FFFWeek, click HERE!

Hey Divas! LRYW-Double-Divas-BadgeI am sure some of you understand what we mean when we say, some things are so nice you just have to do them twice… Hopefully, your memories are a little better than ours and you remember our first trip to GeekMe Hair Bar and Boutique a couple months ago. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the Double Divas are doubling back and returning to South Georgia! Dori Carter For months, we have been training GeekMe Hair Bar and Boutique owner, Dori Carter. Now that we are confident that she is ready to service her community and represent the LiviRae Lingerie brand, we are pleased to announce a partnership that will cater to South Georgia and North Florida. Yep, you guessed it… GeekMe Hair Bar and Boutique is now also the home of a LiviRae Lingerie satellite location. We are inviting all of you divas and dudes come out, meet the Double Divas, celebrate with Dori and get your bra fitting on June 2, 2018. The launch party and fit event will take place from 10 am until 6 pm at GeekMe Hair Bar and Boutique.

To reserve you bra fitting, click HERE and remember, your deposit reserves the time you select and goes toward the purchase of your bra. Livirae Lingerie in Nashville, Georgia

Livirae LingerieHey all you Double Divas! We know we’re not the only ones excited about finally experiencing Spring weather. Yeah, it has been Spring for a while but who could tell with Old Man Winter blowing all his cool air everywhere.

Now that we have some warm weather, it is time to let it all (well some of it) hang out and serve up some sexy. No, we are not encouraging you to go full on nude (unless that is your thing) but… being damn near naked and comfortable is the #Mood for Spring/Summer 2018.

The perfect way to achieve this is with bralettes. For those of you who don’t know, bralettes are soft bras that many times double as crop tops. Date nights, shopping, clubbing with the girls, church or just lounging at home are great places and activities for bralettes. Simply put, bralettes are a fashion trend that can be dressed up or dressed down.


Now I know some of you are thinking… my boobs are too big for bralettes. Well that may be true if you’re shopping at Citi Trends or Forever 21 but at LiviRae Lingerie, we have you covered (literally)!

Check out some of our amazing bralettes that range from sizes b/c to f/g.

Oh, you still don’t think bralettes are the look for Spring/Summer 18 or that you can’t find one in your size? Well, check out these 5 boobilicious bloggers rocking bralettes.

Now… Time to shop! And just in time for Mother’s Day and a 10% discount when you use the code #Mommy♥


LiviRae Lingerie Runway & MoreYou know that we are on a mission to take over the world one breast at a time; yep, one breast because not everyone has two.  While on this mission, we will remain true to our foundation but at the same time we know that to be successful you must be open to incorporating different components. We have many new and exciting things happening, but today we are sharing something that isn’t exactly new to us, but it may be to some of you.

How many of you know that LiviRae co-owner, Cynthia Decker is a really dope designer? Yeah, Cynthia’s gifts are the brand’s best kept secrets. For years, she has been customizing bras to assure that our customers were accommodated. However, that is not all Cynthia is capable of, and this truth is what gave birth to LiviRae Runway.

LiviRae Runway, is the ultimate presentation of our inventory; it provides a visual showcase of what is possible when you pair nice bras and panties with one of a kind robes, gowns and other unique pieces created by Cynthia.

We know, seeing is believing! So, we are inviting you to come out to the 5th annual Life Styled Honors to experience LiviRae Runway up close and in person. Our girl Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh has produced this amazing, empowering event for the past 5 years and we are honored to participate. 

We have participated in Life Styled Honors for the past 3 years but this year we decided to do it big! We are the events silver sponsor, we are bringing our merch and Cynthia’s custom designs to the runway and… The final event of the fabulous weekend is a Brunch presented by PHAT Girl Fresh and yours truly.

So yeah, if you are in the Atlanta area or don’t mind coming into the city for the weekend, come out and show Maui, the other participants and us, some love. This event is not your average event, it garners the support of hundreds of individuals including many of your favorite bloggers, celebrities and social influencers. For more detail, check out the flyers and the link for tickets below.


All white VIP Mixer honoring Tarana Burke (founder of the #MeToo Movement)

PHAT GIRLFRESH presents Life Styled Honors



Life Styled Honors (honors presentation, fashion show and vending)PHAT GIRLFRESH presents Life Styled Honors



Bras & Brunch (Brunch, bottomless mimosas, and bra fittings)

Pretty cool, huh? Get your tickets HERE, and we will see  you there!

Oh and, here is a little something from last year’s LiviRae Runway showcase…


First off, we want to wish all of our divas a happy International Women’s Day! It is our prayer that you are experiencing the growth and prosperity that you desire both personally and professionally. We also want you to know that whether you are at the top of your game or at the end of your rope, we love you and we believe in the greatness that you embody. 

It is no secret that empowered women, empower women. While many of you look at us and so strong determined women who are empowered and committed to the growth and development of our gender, you don’t see something that is very important. You don’t see how you empower us to do and be more. You don’t know that you inspire us. Yes girl, when our  tanks are damn near empty and we are running of fumes, your love and support gas us up. 

Since you have us all gassed up, the Double Divas are ready to hit the road Jackie (we are not here for Jack).  So Raleigh, North Carolina… HERE COMES TROUBLE!

You heard right, the Double Divas are headed to Raleigh, North Carolina. We are sponsors at “The Power Of Plus Weekend” and we will be hosting a bra fit event during their shopping expo.



Motivational speaker and influencer Kenyatta Johnson presents The Power Plus Weekend in Raleigh, NC on March 23 & 24, 2018 at Holiday Inn Crabtree, 4100 Glenwood Ave

The Power Plus Weekend recognizes and supports the beauty and strength of the Plus size community through events, exhibits and demonstrations while connecting them with businesses and organizations that acknowledge and appreciate their beauty.

The action-packed weekend will kick off on Friday with a Welcome reception & VIP Mixer at Proof Five Points, located at 1620 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, NC. The mixer will feature a night of fabulous style, networking, passed hor dourves, and signature drinks. Stylists, publicists, bloggers, industry tastemakers, and the public are welcome to attend this event. Tickets are $25.


Saturday March 24, 2018, the Double Diva will be hosting a bra fit event before and during The Power Of Plus expo. This bra fit event will be held at the Holiday Inn Crabtree, 4100 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh NC.

All of you divas who are ready to have the ultimate experience and find your breast’s friend, you can secure your fitting HERE  by selecting your desired appointment time and paying a deposit of $50. Your deposit will go towards the purchase of your bra; this means if your bra cost $60 your will owe us $10 plus tax.

Please be advised that there is a $10 admission fee to enter the expo.

DON’T WANT TO GET A CUSTOM BRA FITTING FROM THE DOUBLE DIVAS? Your loss! However, you can still shop with us (we are bringing tons of great merchandise), take a selfie or two and enjoy the other expo vendors.