*Singing* Let’s talk about breast baby…

Model Julie wearing LiviRae Lingerie
Breast, boobies, twins, rack… Or whatever you choose to call them are without question, one of the most altered body parts among women. Some women love their boobies and wouldn’t change them for the world. Some women have issues with the size of their rack and are eager to alter them.

Here at LiviRae Lingerie, we are charged with not only selling you a bra. We must educate you and provide you with healthy and realistic options. We know and understand that no two women are the same and that in order to cater to our customers needs we must keep an open mind and share our 20+ years of knowledge.

Since we are talking about breast and we know that many of you are either considering breast augmentation or may be faced with having a mastectomy, we wanted to share a few tips. However, this is information that can be useful for all women.

  1. PROTECT THE BOOBIES, WEAR A BRA! If you are a cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy and are having reconstructive surgery or a woman who chooses to enhance her breast; please wear a bra. Breast implants are added weight to the chest wall, if you don’t wear a bra, you run the risk of becoming a member of the droopy boobie community.


  1. “NO WIRE HANGERS (in my Mommy Dearest voice), BUT YES TO UNDERWIRE BRAS! I know a lot of women hate underwire bras but I love them. After being a little girl with big pointy breast, I appreciate the way underwire bra make my breast look. The key to underwire bras post-surgery is proper fit; the wire should lay flat against your ribcage and not on your breast.Model Jessica Carter wearing LiviRae

    1. DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF, TREAT YOURSELF! If you have new boobs, you need new bras! Yeah, I know that bras aren’t cheap but you have to take care of your investment. I mean, would you put regular gas in a Rolls Royce?

    1. NO PUSH UPS! Say “NO NO NO NO NO (in my Destiny’s Child voices) to push up bras, they are not your friend. I know we all want to show a little cleavage but push up bras can cause indention in breast and encapsulation. Oh, and did you know that an underwire bra can give you just as much cleavage as a push up bra.Julie and Jessica for LiviRae Lingerie

    2. ABC’S AND 123’S! When trying on new bras to accommodate your new breast remember, your letter will change but your number will remain the same. While it may take a while to figure it all out, know that the letter isn’t important… IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FIT!

Yeah girl, you’re welcome! Please take all of them into consideration but more than any of them, live by number 5.

Oh, and another thing, if you are in doubt or confused, set up an appointment with LiviRae Lingerie to get a proper bra fitting from a professional. Don’t live in the metro Atlanta area and don’t want to take a long drive? LiviRae has you covered, we offer cyber fittings and consultations at your request.